PhD Pharma Whey Review

Today I am looking at the ever popular protein supplement from PhD Nutrition called Pharma Whey HT+. This product is one of the brands flagship supplements and has been part of their core range since the beginning. Granted it has been updated and the formula tweaked over the years to keep up with market trends and advancements in supplement research. It quickly won over many users and over the years has retained a top position in the market within the UK. Recently, we have also seen the brand emerging into countries throughout Europe and even the US. I predict that PhD Pharma Whey will continue to be even more popular due to many features which I will go into detail below.


Quest Nutrition Bars Review

The questions that I get asked a lot. How much protein should I be eating per day? What protein sources do you eat to hit your protein targets each day? What are your thoughts on protein snacks? What do you like about Quest Nutrition Bars?

Quest Nutrition bars review
Quest Nutrition protein bars review

So I normally ask them the question, how much do you actually eat at the moment? The facts and figures will vary from person to person but the importance of protein in a balanced diet cannot be disputed. If you do not consume enough protein in your diet, it can lead to muscle breakdown and subsequently muscle loss, and also an immune system that will become depleted. Protein is one of them macronutrients that help make you feel fuller for longer too (ideal essential for dieting). Consuming a balanced meal with a substantial proportion of protein will make you feel better and last longer than eating a meal that is high in carbohydrates and sugar. This type of meal will leave you feeling quite hungry just an hour or so later. Try it yourself, I typically eat eggs in the morning and I feel that it last much longer than say just a bowl of cereal – which is predominantly carbohydrates and sugar!

Quest Nutrition Bars

Protein bars are an ideal and convenient way to get some good fuel into the body with a decent amount of protein post workout. Or even if you are struggling to up your protein content for the day. Simply eat a Quest Bar with a cup of tea! There has been a lot of hype about Quest Bars over the years and it still continues today – showing just how great they are. The bars only really hit the UK shelves about two years ago in 2014, whereas in the USA they had grown to be the most popular protein snack of all time in the US.

The Quest Nutrition bar Factoids

  • Each Quest Nutrition Bar contain just shy of 200 kcals
  • Each Quest Nutrition Bar contains a whopping 20g of protein
  • Protein sources are of high quality – whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate
  • Quest Nutrition bars are vegetarian but not vegan friendly
  • Quest Nutrition bars are suitable for those of a gluten free (GF) diet
  • Quest Nutrition bars are soy free
  • Quest Nutrition bars are high in fibre
  • Contains some added sugar or sweetener depending on the flavour of bar
  • Quest Nutrition bars come in a ridiculous amount of flavours to suit everyone’s tastes

Where to buy Quest Nutrition Bars?

Quest bars are available from most online sports supplement retailers and even some high street shops. But, the best deals are always found online, or at least that is where I have seen them, so for Quest Bars UK, buy from online stores like Supplements2u.

Quest Nutrition bar with a cup of tea at work
Quest bar with a cup of tea at work

Pre-Workouts: Do you need them?

Pre-workouts are becoming more and more popular each day and the market is growing as a result. Pretty much every sport supplement brand has their own version of a pre-workout supplement. As such, one that I am trying (although it has been about for some time now and re-formulated a couple of times too) is iForce’s Conquer pre workout. It has a healthy dose of vitamins and their very own secret proprietary blend that consist of the key ingredients of a nitric oxide mix, creatine, tuarine, caffeine and acacia rigidula extract.

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iForce Nutrition Conquer Pre-Workout Supplement reviewed by Tim Muriello from I’ll Pump You Up